Yaya’s Best Hot Cocoa Recipe EVER!!!


Welcome to Yaya’s Neighborhood; my new ‘Home on the Web.’ If you’ve seen me around the internet, say… at Yaya’s Home or here, there an’ yonder…  then, you know that I love to fly around in my ‘Little Red Wagon’ an’ keep in touch with friends from around the world… an’ the universe. Perhaps you met me at my other blog, Yaya’s Home? This, my new neighborhood, is Yaya’s Home an’ MORE!

Living in a community where there’s a mix of farming an’ ‘City’ dwellers in equal numbers is just the way I like it. I’m interested in so many things that I need a whole neighborhood to fit it all in. The best part is that I can enjoy everything that catches my interest an’ still have room for more. Naturally, as you might have guessed by that lovely photo snapshot of me in my wagon, I love toys. Some of my favorite toys are Legos an’  ‘Little Red Wagons,’ of course!  An’ I always relax with some  hot cocoa whilst I plan my day.

I love my cozy kitchen...

I live in a big ol’ 1906 Sears & Roebuck Kit House with my good hubby-buddy, where we enjoy writing an’ doing whatever strikes our fancy. I’ve posted some pictures so’s you can get an idea of what our home is like. I sure hope you like it as much as I do. The inspiration I gain in my home actually feeds my desire to help as many people as I can to find the fun in life so they, too, can relax an’ realize that life is not all work, but should also include some fun.

Please join me as I share my interests with you an’ fly, from time to time, in my ‘Little Red Wagon’ an’ build crafts. I’m sure you will find that playing in Yaya’s Neighborhood will help you relax so you can accomplish all those other things that are important in your life. SO Glad you’re HERE!!!

I bake ‘Virtual’ Cookies

I love helping people. Always have, in fact. In recent years I’ve noticed a sorta’ trend in the ways many folks react to life, in general. There seems to be a bit too much ‘Helter Skelter’ an’ not enough ‘Easy Peasy.’ That’s why I decided to build a website where friends, family an’ acquaintances could come to relax. Sit a spell. Take the load off an’ just forget your worries for awhile.

Back in the day, when I was young an’ my greatest worry was whether Mama was gonna’ let me have a soda pop, that

There are many things I would not want to do that the pioneers had to do, but using a wood cook stove is ONE thing I love using for my Best hot cocoa recipe EVER!
We use this wonderful invention, fairly often. D’you like it? It’s what I use to make my Best hot cocoa recipe ever!

day, it seemed that life was easier. Now, I’d like to make life a bit easier for others. Whenever you stop by, you’re

welcome to sit a while an’ have summa’ my own easy hot cocoa recipe an’ ‘Homemade Virtual Store-bought Cookies.’ I love baking in my virtual oven, so I bake lotsa’ store-bought cookies. An’ make the Best hot cocoa recipe EVER!!!


I think Everyone should have FUN!

Have you ever wished you could step outta’ this world an’ leave your worries behind? That’s why I’m here! You see that ‘Little Red Wagon’ I’m sitting in? You see those wings on the side? That’s so’s we can take flight into outer-space an’ leave our worries for a while. I often fly to Saturn an’ other planets with friends. This is the place where we can share friendship an’ love an’ take some time to just enjoy ourselves with summa’ those things we all love to do; like, Build an’ Create. I hope you will join me for some “F & H” time. Fun & Happy Times are good for the soul. Don’t you agree?

Actual snapshot of me... cruising through the universe.Re-energize & Enrich Your Life

Won’t you have a seat? I’ve made some ‘Virtual Homemade Store-Bought Cookies’ an’ hot cocoa. Please join me while we discuss, well… whatever we discuss. No pressure, here. It’s all about sitting back an’ enjoying ourselves. Feel free to re-energize an’ enrich your spirit. Be Calm…

You, me an’ crafts; that’s why we’re here. Oh, yeah! An’ TOYS! Here… It’s perfectly fine to play with toys. ‘Cause that’s what we do, here. We play with toys. A’ drink my easy hot chocolate recipe. This is the place to unwind an’ let your creativity flow. Now! Where shall we start?

Oh! Before I forget to mention it… if you ever have any questions or need help with anything… please be sure an’ give a holler. I’m sure I won’t be very far away. After all, when you have a website designed for relaxing, well… it just makes sense to set a good example by living the life of ease, right? An’ believe me, I live real Easy. It’s SO important to enrich our lives with playing an’ crafts an’, well… you know… fun.    {{{{{Tee-Hee}}}}}    So…

Until the next time… Keep a Hug on,
Sit down. Relax. An' enjoy your stay.

~ Yaya in the NEW Neighborhood Playground

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